The Apple Card is unusual by the standards of Bank card design — it is made in white color, which is complemented by the owner’s name and laser engraved with the logo of Apple. It is based on the Titan, and the white color is achieved by a special multilayer coating. It has become a source of problems, as reported by PC Magazine.

Faced with the complaints of several users, Apple added in a statement to the credit card the point about the nuances of caring for a new product. Last but not least due to the fact that Apple Card is considered as a design object, it requires a special approach.

In particular, the map should be cleaned occasionally with a lint-free cloth and do not use a leather wallet and jeans. Apple has officially confirmed that contact with the leather and denim will lead to the fact that the Apple Card will lose its form and will be permanently painted.

Store Apple Card recommended in a separate compartment to avoid scratching the card. And besides, its recommended to periodically wipe with water or isopropyl alcohol, which will allow you to keep the coating intact. With the use of household cleaning products and even more powders is strictly prohibited.

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