At the moment, hard to say with certainty how good or how bad sold latest Apple smartphones. Some analysts claim demand is low, while others on the contrary reported good sales. Mess add the recent actions of Apple, which is now actively promoting their smartphones in the App Store.

For the first time the iPhone is Xr was seen in the American and canadian App Store a few weeks ago. However, just recently, the commercials began to appear in other regions, including Russia.

It is difficult to say how such an aggressive advertising campaign is able to raise sales. Judging by the reviews, many users refer to such messages in the App Store rather negative.

It is worth noting that in addition to the App Store cupertinos actively advertise their latest smartphones and other ways. In particular, the company sends push notifications to the owners of older iPhone models, reminiscent of the novelties on the mailing list, and also holds special promotions in which iPhoneXr can be purchased with a significant discount.


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