According to the authors of the French blog iGeneration, who were able to get their hands on some internal documents Apple cupertinos began to change in terms of iPhone repair with non-original batteries.

For a long time, the official Apple services refused to carry out any manipulations with devices that have used non-original components. But now the conditions have somewhat changed, becoming softer. In particular, kupertinovtsy allowed professionals official and authorized service centers to work with the iPhone using third-party batteries.

Thus, if the user turned to the service with a problem that is not related to the battery, there is a chance that the iPhone repair will be made under warranty (if applicable). But if damage occurred because of a non-genuine rechargeable battery, warranty repairs, of course, refuse.

In addition, under the new rules employees of the service centers can even replace the non-original component to the new brand for the standard fee. However, in this case the specialist you need at the beginning to defuse third-party battery to at least 60%.


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