About a year ago in the network has information that Apple may launch a special version of Apple Music, or create a separate data plan, targeted at business customers. Today, these data were finally confirmed.

Apple together with PlayNetwork launches special tariff plan for Apple Music business. The essence of this proposal is that shops will be able to play licensed music in their retail outlets. The cupertinos promise to form a special playlists for different brands.

Details of the new system is still completely unknown. However Harrods have already started testing a new plan, Apple Music. In addition, the store will have special posters advertising Apple’s music service. And if the users use located on the poster link and start to use Apple Music, Harrods will receive an affiliate Commission.

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, now cupertinos try to interest other large stores, as its new proposal. Tariff plan for business is working in test mode. However, they are interested in a large retail chain.


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