Earlier, several experts have suggested that branded voice assistant Apple waiting for the phrase “Hey Siri” listening iPhone and even can record some phrases of users. However, the cupertinos have denied this information.

According to Tim cook, the iPhone and in particular Siri voice assistant does not record the conversations of users without their knowledge. The head of Apple, the company said in response to demands from members of Congress to comment on rumors about the secret “tapping” the iPhone.

Separately cupertinos noted that they do not consider their users the “product”. In a letter to members of Congress, the Apple representatives have insisted that the company’s success does not depend on the number of collected data. Moreover, in Cupertino strongly opposed to transfer personal information about users to advertisers, and do everything possible to prevent this.

It is worth noting that Apple is really trying to protect user data. In particular, cupertinos permanently close various vulnerabilities that facilitate the process of unlocking locked devices, and gradually added to iOS and macOS mechanisms that prevent the collection of data about users in the network.


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