Apple still has not fixed the problem with the keyboard in the MacBook. Some users still suffer from sticky keys. This drew the attention of the journalist The Wall Street Journal.

Recall that last year, Apple admitted the defect MacBook keyboard type “butterfly” and withdrew released models for free repair. The reason was the extremely low resistance newfangled keyboards to crumbs and dust. Issues covered MacBook 2015-2017, including regular MacBook and MacBook Pro.

In models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air used improved keyboard “butterfly” of the third generation with quieter keys and a new membrane, designed to protect the keyboard from crashing when dust and other small particles. It was supposed to solve the problem. But, apparently, did not help. Or helped, but not all. The most unpleasant that for laptops 2018 programme of free repair are not provided.

Interestingly, the article The Wall Street Journal interactive mode shows the most common problems with the MacBook keyboard is missing letters E, R and T and double E when a key is triggered twice. The article can be read in “correct” or to activate the errors, one by one or all at once, realizing how much suffering such “trifles”.

Apple commented on the situation, apologizing and noting that the problem now is not mass: “We know that in a small number of users have problems with keyboard-butterfly the third generation, we’re sorry”. Users who have the problem found, he advised me to contact support.

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