About two years ago, Apple CEO Tim cook told Bloomberg about the company’s plans to plunge into the field of Autonomous vehicles and begin work on Autonomous systems. However, not everything went smoothly in the beginning of the year the team working on Autonomous technology, left 190 people. However, this week Apple confirmed its plans to move further in this direction by the purchase of the startup Drive.ai.

Drive.ai created in 2015, the boys from Stamford, is testing Autonomous transportation in Texas and reports that some time was looking for new investors. The startup has attracted $ 77 million and was estimated at 200 million in 2017. Interestingly, they also announced a couple of weeks ago that closed “for reasons beyond the Drive.ai circumstances”.

The Park Drive.ai consists of the modified Nissan NV200 with ten cameras, four of LIDAR and radar radar system — all turnkey products. However, what interested Apple is all that is connected with the software, which was developed by the staff of a startup.

Transaction amount still not declared, but it shows that Apple still believe in Autonomous technology. It is believed that the company on this project has about 5 000 people, and with the purchase of the startup Drive.ai development will accelerate.

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