The first iOS version 12 didn’t last long.

Apple is no longer issuing digital signatures on firmware 12.0. To install the first version of iOS 12 or roll on it with iOS 12.0.1 is no longer possible. At the moment iOS 12.0.1 was the only firmware that is signed by the company.

Apple stopped signing iOS 12 two weeks after the release of iOS 12.0.1. The exact reason why Apple decided not to delay the stop of the issuance of digital certificates for iOS 12 not specified. This is most likely done due to the fact that iOS 12 is a few unresolved bugs, including the problem associated with the inability to charge the iPhone once after you connect to the Lightning cable.

iOS 12.0.1 is not different from iOS 12 to of speed and battery life. Hence the failure of Apple from issuing signatures for iOS 12 does not greatly affect users.

On 30 October, the day of the presentation of the new iPad Pro 2018, Apple will release iOS 12.1 is the first major update for its new mobile operating system. The main innovation iOS 12.1 is a function of group video calls on FaceTime. In addition, Russian users in iOS 12.1, you may receive the support of Apple Pay in Cash.


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