Due to the explosion of the iPad on Sunday forced the evacuation of a branded Apple store in Amsterdam, reports Dutch publication AT5. None of the visitors and staff was not seriously hurt, but three people needed medical help due to breathing problems.

It is unknown whether the iPad caught fire or just smoke, as it happens in case of overheating or leakage of the battery — Apple store employees immediately placed the device in the space reserved for such cases the sandbox. After that, the tablet continued to emit a suffocating smoke, which injured three people.

At the scene firefighters arrived, but their help was not needed. Some time after the incident, the store has resumed normal operations.

Systemic problems with batteries in specific models by Apple, unlike its less successful competitors, has managed to avoid. However, some cases of fire mobile devices, especially after the noise which caused the history with the global opinion and the withdrawal from production of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 attracted attention. The last notable incident of this kind occurred earlier this year when the two European Apple Store for two days burned two iPhone.

Recall that, if the shell of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is at least slightly deformed, as if something was bursting inside, most likely, the battery is worn or damaged and requires replacement. To continue to use such a device, without resorting to the service center, may be unsafe.


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