This has not happened.

The demand for the iPhone XS, XR iPhone and iPhone XS Max so not like Apple, the company decided on a desperate step. IPhone owners of previous generations received a push notification with an offer to purchase new items.

As stated by the developer Steve Lederer Twitter, the Apple Store app for iOS received a notice read: “Your new iPhone is waiting for you. Select iPhone or iPhone XR XS and update your smartphone using iPhone Upgrade Program”.

According to the commentators IT sources, unexpected offer to Apple is another confirmation of the weak demand for the iPhone XS iPhone XS XR and iPhone Max. The company is clearly unhappy with the sales results, that determined a radical change in the marketing campaign.

A few weeks ago, insiders have reported that Apple’s manufacturing partners were forced to reduce the release of the iPhone XR. However, the top management of Apple estimates sales of new products rather optimistic. In particular, Greg Joswick a couple of days ago saidthat iPhone buy XR better than iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

Source: AppleInsider


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