Apple pays a lot of attention to the security of user data. However, some believe that the company still has room to grow. For example, a group of Apple device owners filed against Apple due to the fact, that cupertinos store the information that users upload to iCloud on servers of other companies.

The plaintiffs claim that the cupertinos introduce confusion regarding the conditions of storing their sensitive data in iCloud. Users not happy with the fact that Apple is not directly reported that stores user information on the servers of Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

It is not known exactly what it is trying to achieve the plaintiffs. However, the chances of winning the case they are not very high. Despite the fact that Apple actively uses external servers, it encrypts the user data into the cloud. In addition, all information additionally obespechivaetsya.

It is noteworthy that in some regions, Apple additionally indicates their associates and data is stored from iCloud. For example, this practice exists in China. The user agreement cupertinos warn Chinese users about what all information they send to iCloud is stored on servers Guizhou Cloud Big Data.


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