Users of Apple products has filed a lawsuit against the Corporation. The lawsuit claims that Apple illegally sold information about purchases in iTunes to third parties. According to dissatisfied users, with their consent, no one asked.

Thanks to Bloomberg, it became known that the document was registered by the court in San Francisco. According to the plaintiffs, Apple has sold only General information about purchases in iTunes, but linked to them personal data of users.

It is noted that this behavior may well be considered illegal. Moreover, apparently, it violates the policy of the Corporation itself Apple to disclose the personal data of users.

In their commercials, Apple uses the phrase “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”. Filed the claim users have questioned this motto, believing that purchases it does not apply.

The total number of dissatisfied customers has hundreds of thousands, and represent their interests, only three users iTunes, speaking on behalf of the state, which is home to all “victims”.

Among the data that Apple sells to third parties, identified the following: full names of users, home addresses, preferred musical genres, specific songs purchased in iTunes.

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