Judging by the news feeds, you might get the impression that Apple is constantly involved in some litigation. In fact, everything something like this happens. Cupertinos often get a variety of lawsuits. However, some cases are resolved quickly, others can take years.

How long will be the court with Advanced Voice Recognition Systems (AVRS), specializing in software for speech recognition, is difficult to say. While AVRS filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of patent infringement.

According to representatives of Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, the development of Siri cupertinos violated a patent associated with speech recognition. Moreover, the company knew about the patent back in 2013. However, Apple did nothing to resolve the conflict. In the end, representatives AVRS claim that the cupertinos have violated the patent for more than 70 times.

Unknown at this time what the commercial Apple products were used the controversial technology. Also unclear and the reaction of the Apple company for such charges. It is not excluded that the parties will attempt to resolve issues out of court.


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