A California resident Jay Brodsky (Brodsky Jay) filed a lawsuit against Apple for “illegal” enable two-factor authentication. Brodsky complains that two-factor authentication significantly complicates the lives of users as they are required not only remember passwords but also to have access to a trusted phone or phone number.

According to the documents attached to the collective statement of claim, several people have already suffered because of the two-factor authentication and continue to suffer damage. As an example of the damage the plaintiffs cited financial losses associated with spending time on a long multi-stage process of authorization. As reported in the statement of claim, because two-factor authentication, the authorization process takes from two to five minutes.

According to Brodsky, around September 2015 with the release of the next Apple update default activated two-factor authentication without implementing the mechanism that allows the user to disable it. Moreover, from e-mails received by the user after enabling two-factor authentication becomes clear that the function is disconnected.

The plaintiffs intend to force Apple to pay a fine in accordance with the “Law on computer fraud and abuse.” In addition, they require the injunction and will seek “all funds, revenues and benefits” that Apple “unjustly received” enable two-factor authentication (about which the benefits in question in the lawsuit is not specified).

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