Israeli company Corephotonics, specializing in technology, multi cameras, filed a lawsuit against Apple. The Cupertino giant accused of stealing technology.

Corephotonics says, Apple violated the patents of the Israeli developer. Speech, in particular, the dual cameras on the iPhone. Note that this is not the first lawsuit from the company over the years.

It is reported that earlier Corephotonics have discussed its development with Apple engineers. In 2012 the company gained access to the five-element telephoto lens Israelis, and in 2014 — to the test boards to the lenses and software tools for their simulation.

The plaintiff says that Apple used these features to develop cameras iPhone. The same released in 2016, iPhone 7 Plus, not agreeing with Corephotonics. How then convinced Israeli company, after examining the camera modules of smartphones, the cupertinos have used someone else’s patents.

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