The company Lumentum is a technology provider TrueDepth responsible for Face ID in the iPhone X, in the financial report for the third quarter showed better results than expected.

This contributed to increased volume shipments of sensors TrueDepth during the reporting period, which, under assumptions of analysts, will be installed in three new iPhone models this year.

Renowned analyst gene Munster of Loup Ventures, having examined the report Lumentum, noted that large volumes of supplies and successful financial company report Lumentum, portend the use of this technology in all new smartphones Apple.

Lumentum income amounted to 301 million dollars, is alleged 287 million dollars. Also, after the release of the new iPhone models, the income for the next reporting period may increase.

“The results of the company Lumentum confirm the demand for iPhone X” – gene Munster

The demand for technology TrueDepth was confirmed a year ago when another provider company Finisar acquired a plant area of 65,000 square meters, for grant funds in the amount of 390 million US dollars received from Apple.

Besides the iPhone, Munster also suggests that Apple will introduce the technology TrueDepth that adds Face ID and optional features Apple ARkit in other products of the company like the iPad.


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