In the network appeared the information that the Safari browser developed by Apple, recently began to send data not only to a system of “Safe browsing” by Google, but also on the servers of Chinese tech giant Tencent.

Thanks to the care of American people, found out that in iOS 13, and possibly earlier versions of Apple’s operating system, the information generated by user and sent to, among other things in the system Tencent Safe Browsing, which is similar to that of similar service from Google. Interestingly, for users of Apple from China, the company has integrated Tencent Safe Browsing another during the WWDC 2017. And now the question arose: whether passed on Chinese servers user data, not related to China in 2017 or did it happen only with the release of iOS 13?

”Before visiting a website Safari can send the information calculated by the address in Google Safe Browsing Safe Browsing, or Tencent, to check if a website is fraudulent. These providers safe browsing may also log your IP address,” writes Apple in the “About Safari and privacy” branded browser.

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