Some straps for smart watches Apple cannot be bought at the official store of the Corporation.

Journalists and analysts believe that these changes in the store portfolio are related to the upcoming presentation of the new generation of watches. It is likely that the fourth series of the Apple Watch, as the straps will receive the updated design. Current accessories likely will not fit the new clock, therefore, gradually disappear from the shelves. In favor of this idea, tells the story of the development of straps, which are updated each season, replacing the old model.

It is not excluded that Apple will introduce the similar straps are larger exclusive for Apple Watch Series 4.

Now the stores have gone a number of sports models, and premium options from Studio Hermes. On the Apple website clearly States that the product “sold out”, and not “temporarily out of stock”. It speaks about the permanent nature of the disappearance of accessories. At the same time, rumors about the emergence of new models of hours talking about upgrading straps.

Apple Watch Series 4 will be presented in the fall along with iPhone X 2018 X and iPhone Plus.


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