Senior Vice President, software development Apple’s Craig Federighi recently gave an interview to the British newspaper The Independent. He shared some details about the extreme tests that cupertinos put their chips.

According to Federighi, all of Apple processors from Apple T1, S2 and Apple have the additional Apple A7 chip called Secure Enclave. The latter is responsible for all operations related to the protection of data and guarantees their integrity even in the event of a security breach in the kernel.

Machines Apple Secure Enclave of the most severe tests: heats the chips up to 110 and cools to -40 degrees Celsius. Despite the fact that the iPhone can rarely get into such conditions, in Cupertino believe in the necessity of such checks. According to Craig Federighi, the Secure Enclave must work in a variety of conditions, as otherwise the vulnerabilities in the chip will take advantage of attackers.

In General, in such tests is not surprising. According to reports, the cupertinos are trying to test all their products in a variety of conditions. Especially for this the company has a large number of closed laboratories and conducted all the tests.


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