In the past, representatives of the company Apple has repeatedly said that the face scanners provide higher level of security than fingerprint scanners. The cupertinos thinking about how to make such systems even more reliable.

According to one of the patents registered by Apple in the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S., Apple engineers want to Refine the Face ID so that it was impossible to deceive even with a high-quality masks, printed on 3D-printer. In the past it was a 3D mask is allowed to bypass the scanner face recognition in iPhone X and unlock your device. According to reports, this mask is about $ 150, and its manufacture takes several days.

However, judging from the patent, cupertinos still wondering on how to modify Face ID. The document stated that the new system will take into account not only the physiological characteristics of the user’s face, but also track facial expressions. Thus, to fool the scanner will be much harder.

As usual, the existence of patent filings does not mean that is described in the document, the idea will be implemented in serial devices. It is possible that while the cupertinos just considering different options for improving Face ID.


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