Some time ago Apple has registered in the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA a new application, which describes a computer made of glass. In this part of the device housing can be bent within a wide range.

Judging by the images attached to the application form, the cupertinos are considering to drastically change the look of the iMac. According to reports, the case of the monoblock can be made entirely of glass. At the bottom of the computer, which can be bent within a wide range, will be the keypad.

Also the application States that this design can be used as a docking station for the MacBook. In this case, the monoblock, most likely, will lose the most part of components, and all the calculations will take a laptop.

As usual no details about the date of implementation described in the patent application ideas are not. It is not excluded that cupertinos won’t bring them to life. However, the presence of these documents suggests that Apple thinks about a possible redesign of their desktop and empowerment.


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