Concern about communication of large technology companies with China last year increased. In particular, the TikTok app, which was downloaded over 1 billion times, was thoroughly searched for the alleged censorship of content that might annoy the Chinese government. In September The Guardian reported on internal documents of the TikTok, which indicates that the moderators should censor political topics, including Tiananmen square and independent Tibet. The company said that the guidelines are no longer used, and that the Chinese government does not control them because the app doesn’t work in China.

Then Senator Marco Rubio was asked to conduct an investigation against the parent company TikTok ByteDance other music apps

Although TikTok missed the hearing, on Tuesday, the company published a blog post in which it was noted that moderation of content complies with local laws and recommendations in each region and the user data in the USA stored in the U.S. and Singapore but not in China. Although TikTok did not mention his absence in Congress in office, he vowed “to continue to work with the U.S. government” on all issues. Apple was also criticized for deleting iPhone apps from the app store, which allowed the protesters in Hong Kong to avoid clashes with the police. CEO Tim cook shortly met one of the main regulators of China Is not the first time the tech company refused to send a representative to a hearing in the Senate about the company. Last year, Google was absent from the hearings in the Senate election security, which was attended by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. The Senate left the name and a blank space for the CEO of Google Larry page, highlighting his absence.

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