Apple does not specifically prohibit users to repair Apple devices in autorizovany services. However, the cupertinos are constantly warned that such repairs can lead to problems. Recently it became known that in iOS now the next service warning that appears after battery replacement not authorized service. One of his first discovered the specialists of iFixit.

According to reports, now the warning about replacing the battery in unauthorized service center can see only the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. It States that the system can not verify the authenticity of the battery, so the information about her “health” is not available.

On the one hand in warning, there is nothing particularly “scary”. However, users who have replaced the battery by yourself or using a third-party service will no longer be able to see exactly when it will need to be replaced.

It should be noted that cupertinos try not to give users the opportunity to repair their devices. According to representatives of the company, skills required and the tools are only certified service centers. Moreover, the poor maintenance may cause damage not only the device but also the user.


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