Apple plans to release a new version of iPod touch. It is reported by Mac Otakara, citing sources.

The blog did not provide any details about the novelty and not called the timing of the device. However, this information was confirmed by some suppliers of components to Apple at CES 2019. Together with the reports that the company plans to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C on the iPhone and other portable devices. At the moment, with this port are available only the new iPad Pro.

The sixth generation iPod touch was released in 2015, it is different from the fifth generation 2013 only a new processor, a camera with increased resolution and the lack of a fastening strap. In 2017, the company reduced the price of the player and left version for 32 and 128 GB. The cost of the device starts from 17 thousand rubles that makes the iPod touch the cheapest iOS device.. Then Apple stopped producing iPod nano and iPod shuffle.

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