“Apple and low-cost smartphones” — the last time these concepts are completely incompatible. And not only in Russia, where the iPhone is noticeably become more expensive in 2018 due to the fall of the ruble. In most European countries the cost of a new iPhone is even higher than in Russia. However, it may happen that the presentation in October, Apple will release a smartphone that will be affordable to a greater number of buyers.

Apple itself has made direct hints

For the first time about plans of Apple to release two new iPhone in 2018, it became known in September. Developed by Guilherme Rambo, who constantly finds in the code of the firmware Apple variety of interesting information, found in iOS 12 direct allusion to the new smartphones.

In code, the first beta version of iOS 12.1 it found two new ID iPhone models: iPhone iPhone a 9.8 and a 9.9. Before such was not in any version of iOS. The already announced iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR are referred to in iOS as “iPhone 11”, so the found IDs can’t exactly belong to them.

The sequence number in the detected IDs are lower than those of flagships. This means that smartphones are a lower class and therefore cheaper.

The release of the new iPhone is quite logical

Presentation of the new iPhone in October is not typical for Apple. But in 2018 it can happen, moreover, it will be logical. The fact that after the presentation of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR, Apple has pulled two smartphone: iPhone X and iPhone SE.

The withdrawal from sale of iPhone X was only at the hand of Apple, as “ten” will not interfere with the sales of new smartphones. But iPhone SE company will be missed. iPhone SE was the “input” model, which sold for a very reasonable price even in the official Apple online store. The smartphone was popular worldwide, but especially in Russia and India — two important markets for American companies.

If Apple will release another iPhone, and the price will be lower than iPhone 7 100-150 dollars, it will again offer buyers a very affordable model.

So which iPhone to expect in October?

Wait for a completely new iPhone in October, not necessary. According to analysts, Apple may release or improved model of the iPhone 7, or iPhone updated SE. In both cases, the design of the smartphone will not change compared with the previous model, the updated specifications.

Whether Apple will release a new iPhone or not, we will know at the end of October. It is expected that then will be the second of the autumn presentation of the company, a major announcement which will be a massive updated iPad Pro 2018.

Source: Apple-iPhone.ru.


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