Released a few days ago, the final version iOS 12.1 settings that control productivity iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. This means that the cupertinos began to slow last year’s model iPhone. However, this occurs only if the battery capacity of the device decreased by more than 20%.

Recall that Apple slows down iPhone performance with a worn-out batteries to prevent sudden shutdown in cold weather. While earlier, the cupertinos have argued that the model 2017 do not really need such option, because advanced batteries, and controllers to prevent a sudden shutdown. But despite this, the function “slow” is still there.

It is worth noting that users do not have to use such settings. After the scandal and several high-profile lawsuits, Apple has added in iOS special settings that allow to disable slow. As noted by the cupertinos, users can now choose between speed and autonomy. The corresponding settings are located in Settings – Battery – battery Status.


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