Apple said nothing about it during the presentation, but in a new line of smartphones iPhone vershilovskaya 11 implemented wireless technology UWB (Ultra-Wide Band, ultra-wide band). This was reported by the publication CNET.

According to the source, this smartphone uses a chip U1. Ultra-wideband technology will be used not only to track such as smartphones and transfer data.

He also helps find lost smartphones, things, and things with special labels. Another use — automatic discovery of automobiles and General performance of a “key” for any electronics.

In the description on the website notes: “the New chip U1 Apple’s uses ultra-wideband technology for spatial awareness, allowing 11 Pro iPhone discover other devices equipped with a U1. It’s like adding another sense to the iPhone and this will lead to incredible new opportunities. With U1 and iOS 13 you can just restore your iPhone to someone else and AirDrop will allocate the device, so you can quickly share files. And this is only the beginning.”

Probably about this feature will be known more with the release of iOS 13.

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