American photographer told the story about how I spent a lot of time and money to repair a perfectly good MacBook Pro 2018.

Within two weeks, the photographer went to service centers and Apple stores, telling about the alleged problems with the laptop. He complained that the MacBook screen after pressing the power button remains dark, and the sound of the fan is heard. First, the man decided to change the motherboard. When that didn’t work — changed again. Then he put new cables, but this also had no effect. In the end, says the photographer, he got a brand new laptop from Apple. The problem has not disappeared.

All attempts to fix the laptop cost the man nearly $10 thousand. When he once, the fourth time, come to the Apple store employee guessed to Shine on the screen of the MacBook with a flashlight and noticed there is a small black circle with text. As it turned out, the whole time the laptop was just turned off display brightness.

The photographer then I remembered that he used to completely remove the backlit screen of a MacBook when you connect an external monitor. Apparently, the man just once, forgot about it, and the computer rebooted, and kept the setting.

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