Apple ninth time in a row topped the ranking of most valuable brands, according to Forbes.

At the moment the price brand of the American company reached a 205.5 billion. This is 12% more than in 2018.

Also in the TOP 5 included the following corporations:

Google, of 167.7 billion,

— Microsoft, 125,3 billion,

— Amazon 97 billion,

— Facebook, 88,9 billion.

It is noteworthy that during the year the cost of these brands increased from 20 to 30%. Only Facebook fell 6%. Although the number of active users of this social network has grown to 2.4 billion, but the company’s business reputation has suffered because of the scandals surrounding the protection of personal data privacy policy and fake news.

Only TOP 100 hit brands from 16 countries. And more than half, 56, is an American Corporation. Also in the top 11 German 11 brands, 7 — French 6— Japanese. Russian companies in the list there.

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