Apple has released an update of iOS for iPhone 13.1. Among other things, it has been modified and corrected various Emoji.

According to the relevant resource Emojipedia, Apple updated overall 24 Emoji. The most notable and important changes have affected the Emoji animals.

So, the octopus appeared suckers on the tentacles, does a squid have lost a siphon in the middle “person” that was anatomically wrong, and Komar drew all six legs instead of five. Also historically correct scores are now displayed.

In addition, the puzzle of the blue became green, hearts, smiley with heart-shaped eyes have become standard, the little mermaid was in the hands of the Trident, a cow was little changed color, as well as the mouse.

Until the end of the year Apple plans to bring 59 new emojis in iOS such as the sloth, flamingos, waffles, falafel, skunk, orangutan, garlic, and so on.

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