Apple TV plus — streaming video service, which Apple introduced this year. Cupertinos the company launched its own Soaps and TV shows with such renowned stars as Oprah, Jason Momoa, J. J. Abrams and others. Stream will start exclusive by subscription from the 1st of November. However, the people of China will see the modified transmission.

Unique content will be adapted and censored, specifically for a Chinese audience


network edition ГЛАС.RU. At the direction of the Apple studios at the time of installation had removed the scenes in which the life of China were shown in a negative way. What are the gear of the past hand of the censor is unknown. But experts suggest that the Chinese market is quite possible completely reworked the plot of some programs.

This is not the first time Apple “bend” for China. So, they have started to produce gadgets with the support of two simkart, which are sold exclusively in the territory of China. Some experts believe that the plus version of the smartphone was originally designed for the Chinese consumer who loves a big diagonal display.

photo: apple

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