This Friday Apple is expected to launch its new video service called Apple TV+. It will be immediately available in over 100 countries, including Russia. Today, however, new details have become known regarding the localization of the content.

According to recent reports, Apple TV+ will not be a Russian voice. However, users can enable the subtitles. It is unclear whether Apple in the future to duplicate your series and shows. But at the initial stage of Russian-speaking users will have to watch the whole content just with subtitles.

It is believed that Apple believes the Russian market is non-core. At least for the Apple TV+. According to some reports, companies simply do not believe that the service is “relevant to the Russian audience content.” For this reason, Apple is not planning to spend money on dubbing.

It should be noted that at the moment the information about the lack of dubbing is not officially confirmed. With confidence be able to say 1 November, when the service will be launched. Recall that in Russia a monthly subscription to Apple TV+ is only 199 rubles.


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