Apple CEO Tim cook for the first time publicly outlined the direction of the company in the field of entertainment.

During the meeting on financial results for the third quarter, cook said that sales of streaming devices Apple TV for the first time in the last few years grew by double digits.

European operators, including Canal+ and a SALT, selected Apple TV to deliver services to its pay TV customers. Cook said the main driver was the emergence of Apple TV 4K. Later this year Apple TV will support Dolby Atmos audio — along with a large number of Dolby Atmos movies — and new search functionality.

No specific numbers were not announced, but cook said that sales were “very, very impressive.”

And although it was an open secret for months, cook has officially confirmed that Apple will produce their own video content, which will be available in iTunes and Apple TV.

“As you know, last year we hired two respected television executives, and they for several months working on the project, details of which we are not yet ready to share,” said cook, “But I am extremely impressed with what is happening there, we have excellent resources in this area that we found in various places, and we are pleased ultimately offer”.

Cook said that cord-cutting is, in his opinion, will be manifested to an even greater extent than previously assumed.

SOURCE: Broadband TV News


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