Service Apple TV+, the launch of which is expected this fall, will be based on small but high-quality lineup of content. This was stated by senior Vice President of Apple software eddy cue in an interview with The Times.

Now the company is working on creating its own content is “trying to be the best, not strive to do more.” It is this feature of the company wants to make the advantage in competition with Netflix, which “succeeded in creating a continuous stream of new content”.

“Netflix creates too much. Their motto is to do a lot of content, so there’s always something to see, and it works. In this model, there is nothing wrong, but that’s not our strategy.”

Eddy cue, senior Vice President of Apple’s software.

The Apple was attracted to the creation of original shows for such renowned authors as Stephen Spielberg, J. Abrams and Oprah Winfrey. Manage the production of two former head of Sony Pictures Television’s Jamie Erlicht and Zack van Amburg. As an example, q brought the show “Morning show” with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston. It is more dramatic than comedic in nature and focus on the real problems in the workplace. In collaboration with Spielberg, the company will revive the series of the 1980’s “Amazing stories”.

Apple later many industry participants entering the market of streaming video. On the market are already working successfully with Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, who have earned their audience, in particular through the production of original content. Other media conglomerates such as Disney, NBC Universal and Warner Bros, also announced the imminent launch of its own platform.

SOURCE: Sostav

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