Some time ago, the network was actively rumors that Apple is preparing to release a brand new case with a battery that will be compatible with the latest Apple smartphones. In one version of iOS was even discovered diagram of a novelty. However, an official confirmation of all these rumors only got today when the updated Smart Battery Case appeared in the sale.

New Smart Battery Case available in two colors: black and white. The case is compatible with the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR. Apple does not disclose the exact capacity of the internal battery, but cupertinos note that a fully charged battery can increase the battery life of the iPhone in surf mode for 20-22 hours, and in the mode of rhetoric, at 33 hours.

One of the key features is that the built-in battery can be recharged through the wire through the Lightning port (have standard support Power Delivery), or without wires – compatible with the accessory wireless charging standard Qi.

Externally, the updated Smart Battery Case similar to its predecessor. In fact, the case retained recognizable contours and the “hump”, for which many blamed him. The lower frame has become smaller, making the accessory look not so bulky.

As for the cost, the Russian Apple Online Store new Smart Battery Case 11 is 176 rubles. At the same time to deliver a accessory Apple promises only 3-4 weeks.


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