The new Apple Watch is gorgeous!

Apple happened the biggest leak in history. Less than two weeks before the presentation September 12, the company accidentally revealed the design and the name of the iPhone XS, as well as the final appearance of smart watches Apple Watch Series 4. A unique discovery has been made by the developers 9to5Mac.

It is important to note that the above image is not the concept and not the layout. This is the official image of the Apple Watch Series 4 from Apple. It was his Apple “forgot” in the Internet, and skilled developers have managed to find.

As seen in the image, the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 to get the display from edge to edge. The screen will be increased by 15% compared with the Apple Watch Series 3 due to the decrease of the framework around the perimeter. Informed about this feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 repeatedly stated by leading analysts and insiders, and now it is officially confirmed.

In addition, the image clearly shows that the Apple Watch Series 4 will have new dial, capable of displaying much more information than the current dials. Analog dial in total it has eight widgets on the sides. It is expected that the new dial will be exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 4, as on other models of smart hours Apple he simply will not fit.

Also on the official image of the Apple Watch Series 4 significantly additional opening between the side button and scroll wheel Digital Crown. It seems that this is another microphone.

The announcement of the Apple Watch Series 4 will be held on September 12.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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