NEW YORK, March 25. /TASS/. The American Apple Corporation (“Apple”) introduced the update to its streaming video service TV App (“Ti-VI EPP”). This was stated on Monday the head of the Corporation Tim cook from the scene of the conference hall, named in honor of the founder of Apple Steve jobs (1955-2011), Apple (California).

According to him, the updated service will be able to subscribe to such major American TV channels like HBO (“hbo”), Starz (“Starz”), Showtime (“Showtime”) and others. Besides the app, which currently can be used only in a limited number of countries, will be available on-site 100 States. At the moment it is not specified whether Russia among them.

According to the developers, the new service will now be available on TVs that support the Smart TV (“Smart t-wee”), as well as on the Mac (“Mac”). How to assure in the Apple, the application will not be advertising.

About two-thirds of Apple’s revenue had in recent years on the implementation of the iPhone (“IPhone”). Company representatives have repeatedly stated the need to reduce dependence on these products. Tim cook, in particular, have repeatedly noted that it expects to increase profits from various services.

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