The American company Apple will release a special update for the iOS operating system that will receive the changes in a number of functions and will only work for gadgets manufacturer in the territory of the DPRK. This was reported by Reuters.

Apple had to make concessions and to change the number of functions proprietary operating system specifically for iOS gadgets, used and sold in China. The situation was provoked by the ban of the court of Fuzhou, which satisfied the claim of Qualcomm for infringement of patents and banned the sale of some smartphones your iPhone on the territory of the DPRK.

The iOS update will fix all the contentious issues with the Qualcomm — about methods of editing and interaction with the touch screen. Remediation will help to avoid further sanctions and ban on devices implemented by the American manufacturer in the Chinese market.

While Apple continues to assert that the claim is not justified and Qualcomm plan to challenge it. However, in January of 2019 updated the special “Chinese” version of iOS will be available to users of Apple’s smartphone in the DPRK.

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