Just a week and a half will be a conference for developers WWDC 2019. In anticipation of this event, Apple has updated a special application in which users can not only find much useful information about the conference, and see the broadcast.

It is worth noting that drastic changes in the syllabus. But small “chip” missing. For example, users can now change the application icon WWDC, or use a set of special animated stickers for iMessage.

The official app of the WWDC is also a kind of indicator of what users should expect from the conference. Often cupertinos “hid” in the icon or in the application some hints to future innovations. In the past such references were posters, design icons, etc.

This year all the posters, icons and stickers made in a dark style with neon piping. It can be assumed that in this way, the company hints at the long awaited dark mode in iOS 13.


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