Apple withdraws extra batch of MacBook Pro with Retina display due to issues with the battery. It is reported that the batteries in these devices overheat so much that can spontaneously ignite, which poses a threat to the health of the user.

Overheating of the battery in the gadget is a serious problem that can lead to sudden fire or even explosion. Apple announced a recall of the old generation 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, for security reasons.

As follows from Apple’s website, the batteries in some of these makbukah can overheat and cause a fire.

It is reported that the defective devices were sold between September 2015 and February 2017. To check whether your MacBook is exposed to a possible fire, can be the serial number of the device.

“Customer safety is the priority of Apple, so we decided to replace free of charge all the batteries,” — said on the website.

It is noted that this only applies to certain models of MacBook sold in a specific period of time, so no charge to replace the battery everyone will not work.

The bad news is that repairs will have to send your MacBook to the Apple service center and wait for about two weeks — that is how much is replacement battery for the assessment of the company. It may not be very convenient for those who use their device on a daily basis.

The site The Verge notes that sent a request to Apple to find out what is causing the overheating of the batteries, but the company declined to answer.

It should be noted that this is not the first and unlikely the last time Apple discovers the defects in their gadgets. In April of this year it became known about the withdrawal of the party of adapters because of the risk of electrocution.

“Apple has determined that in very rare cases, three-pin network adapters, distributed mainly in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, can fail, causing the risk of electric shock if touching metal parts”, — says the official message of the company.

This adapter extended from 2003 to 2010 along with the Mac and some iOS devices. He was also included in the kit Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.

Apple is already aware of at least six occasions when people have received electric shocks from faulty adapters. Then the company also decided to replace free of charge defective device.

At the end of last year reported about the party defective iPhone 8 — it was a factory second motherboard. Because of this, users can face hangs, unexpected reboots, and even problems with turning the device on.

As claimed by Apple, a marriage in the motherboard was found “in a small number of devices”, however, defective iPhones were shipped from eight countries and regions: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, New Zealand and the United States.

Previously the iPhone 8, first unveiled in September 2017, have already been diagnosed massive problems. For example, one week after the presentation of the gadget, users began to complain of background noise and crackling in the dynamics.

In addition, some “eights” almost immediately after the purchase began to literally fall off the screen. It was reported that the reason for this could be sudden swelling of the battery.

In the last Apple presentation held at the conference of developers WWDC-2019 was presented a new model of personal computer Mac Pro, which should bring out the “Apple” of the PC market devices. However, the Mac Pro was coldly received by the audience — in social networks it is even ridiculed for design, reminiscent of a grater for vegetables.

But most users don’t like the price of the device — base cost $6 thousand In a maximum configuration, the computer cost can reach $45 million

A separate wave of indignation when the stand is for display not included in kit and sold separately. This, in fact, a piece of iron to support computer screen worth the extra $999, which is comparable to the cost of last year’s iPhone model.

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