Today their self-driving cars to build a large company. However, to create a better system that would allow you to avoid accidents, and engineers not yet possible. From time to time brings news that the next unmanned vehicle became the participant of road accident. Self-driving car from Apple for a long time managed to avoid accidents. But at the end of August the car with the Apple system of Autonomous control was in the first accident. The situation repeated itself.

It is noteworthy that the accident happened near the Apple campus. In this case, as in the first road accident with participation of the car with Apple offline control system the culprit was the driver of the other car.

It is reported that the accident nobody suffered, cars received insignificant damages. This contributed to the low speed. Machine Apple was moving with a speed of about 8 km/h (to manage people), and Toyota Camry with a speed of 24 km/h.

It is noteworthy that the second participant of road accident left the scene without leaving any data.


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