Rumors of a special car project of Apple go in already not the first year. Initially it was assumed that cupertinos working on a full vehicle. However, last year, a number of online sources reported that Apple decided to temper the ambitions and focused on the development of Autonomous control systems. But according to recent reports, the car was not stopped.

Today, the network appeared information about the fact that Apple continues to develop its own vehicles. And according to reports, the cupertinos are not working on a sedan or crossover, but on an electric van.

For some reason, Apple has decided to give preference to this type of car sources are not reported. However, this is only one of the possible options. There is also the possibility that the cupertinos expressed a preference for such mode of transport to start to use it in the first place to your own needs – for transportation employees for short distances. For example, between offices.

Sources say that at the moment Apple are developing batteries, electric motors, sensors and some components of the interior.


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