MOSCOW, Nov 21 — RIA Novosti. Russian “daughter” Apple asked the Court for intellectual property rights (SIP) with a request to revoke the patent on the model of “Mobile phone emergency”, issued in 2013, inventor Artashes Ikonomovo.

A statement of LLC “Apple Rus” entered the CIP on 8 November, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for 2 December. “Daughter” Apple demands to annul the decision of Rospatent on August 9 this year, which the Agency refused to recognize the Ikonomova patent for utility model invalid.

According to the description of the patent, the device allows Ikonomova in an emergency to connect the user with the emergency services or other subscribers, if missing or not working SIM card either on account of insufficient funds. The phone can send or CMC with a pre-composed text, attaching to the message the exact coordinates, or an email.

In its objection, sent to Rospatent, Apple said that the device of Russian inventor does not meet the criterion of “novelty.” In particular, the company cited three U.S. patents, published in 2012, which according to their characteristics reminiscent of the “Mobile phone emergency” Ikonomova.

However, Rospatent has considered objections “eppl Rus” unreasonable, noting that in each of these U.S. patents do not exist proposed by Ikonomovi technology.

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