The materials of the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States was found information about a new patent owned by Apple. It describes the special interchangeable lens for iPhone and a number of related technologies, which should help to correctly position the accessory on the device.

In the patent, much attention is paid to special algorithms, which should help users to properly place the lens on the iPhone. Thanks to these “helpers”, cupertinos want to avoid situations where the lens is not completely covering the matrix, or slightly shifted to one side.

The lens should be fixed to the smartphone with a magnet. Data about its technical characteristics and design features in the patent no. However, we can assume that the external lens will significantly improve the quality of the images. In addition, there is a possibility that the accessory will be some sort of automatic mode. In it the lens will pick up the necessary parameters.

Hard to say when Apple will release its brand outside lens for the iPhone. It is not excluded that described in the patent, the idea will never be implemented.


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