Apple continues to enhance its patent portfolio. Recently it became known that the cupertinos have registered a new application, which describes an advanced strap for the Apple Watch with built-in camera.

Engineers offer to place the camera module in one end of the strap. If the user will need to take a picture, the bracelet can be simply undone. Thus, owners of Apple’s smartwatch won’t have to twist your wrist to get a good shot.

In addition, the patent States that the watch can be equipped with and dual camera. In this case, the modules for shooting will be placed on different ends of the bracelet. However, the illustrations to the patent, such decision is not shown.

It should be noted that the cupertinos are actively patenting various ideas related to Apple Watch. Over the past few years Apple has received at least a dozen patents that describe various interesting accessories or new features to the smartwatch. However, while none of these developments has not been fully implemented in production models.


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