Recently it became known that the cupertinos filed in the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States second application that is associated with the augmented reality headset. According to reports, Apple is offering to equip the device with additional sensors and detectors. The latter will be used to track facial features, the eyes and hands of the user.

Described in the patent, the headset must be equipped with two sets of sensors. The first will monitor the surrounding space and the second to monitor the user’s eyes. Also in the patent there are other variations of the system. In particular, to the existing sensors can be added to the sensors to track the position of the head, hands, eyebrows, lower jaw, etc. Therefore, the headset will be able to track not only the position of the eyes, but the mouth movement and facial expressions of the user.

The use of such a set of sensors, could help Apple in creating an advanced system that will significantly improve the ability of animaze and Mamaji. Development of similar gadgets are now some of the company. For example, Facebook creates a virtual reality headset that can track facial expressions and translate them into virtual avatars.

The sensors are responsible for tracking hand position in space must be useful to facilitate the management of augmented reality. However, it’s unknown when Apple will plan to implement described in the patent of the idea of serial devices.


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