Apple is not the first year working hard to improve its mapping service. And for this cupertinos use a variety of equipment from cars with cameras and drones to special backpacks. Images similar hi-tech backpack, equipped with cameras, sensors and other equipment, recently appeared on the network.

It is noteworthy that an employee of Apple, the company filmed on the streets of San Francisco, did not hide from the camera. In addition to his unusual backpack was clearly visible inscription – Apple Maps and the web address Apple’s map service.

Alas, but to find out why Apple employees “walk” the streets with an unusual backpack, failed. It is believed that thus the company wants to collect additional information that will improve existing views and will help to create a special virtual Hiking routes.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first who decided to use such high-tech backpacks to improve its mapping service. Google has started to use these devices for more than five years ago. The Internet giant used backpacks with cameras to capture objects in hard to reach places.


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