The publication GizChina reports that in the future Apple plans to improve existing animaze. Especially for this kupertinovtsy patented mechanism that can expand the sonic possibilities of animated smileys.

According to reports, engineers from Cupertino want to make animaze not only repeated facial expressions and lip movements of users, but could make different “suitable” sounds.

For example, if an iPhone owner wants to create an animated emoticon of a dog and will bark when sending animaze unlikely Lai will be replaced by a generated track. Thus, the recipient of animaze will create the overall impression that the barking was real.

We will remind that the company Apple unveiled animated Emoji in September 2017, simultaneously with the release of the new iPhone X. In the past cupertinos few added “library” available, animaze. Moreover, for creating animated smiley users need a device with a camera to True Depth, which is used for Face ID.


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