The patent portfolio of Apple added a new document that describes the various sensors located under the screen of the wearable device. In the future, described in the patent, the idea can help the cupertinos to significantly expand the capabilities of the Apple Watch.

Apple engineers suggest different sensors that can be placed under the display of the wearable device. Among them are: touch sensors, pressure, temperature, and the fingerprint scanner.

Potentially these sensors can significantly enhance the ability of Apple wearable devices. Even the addition of a fingerprint scanner in the Apple Watch could increase the level of security when making payments with smart watches and unlock Mac computers.

It should be noted that in the patent portfolio of Apple have already appeared such documents. However, if you believe the sources, in the near future cupertinos plan to add to their smart watch is not a fingerprint scanner or a temperature sensor and sleep tracker. The latter may appear in the next generation Apple Watch.


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