The presentation of the new Apple iPhone called slow-motion videos shot on the front camera of the smartphone, the unusual term — “slope”. Many believed that he will remain one of the jokes of the September presentation. However, today it became known about the intention of Apple to register the trademark Slofie in the United States.

With this step, the cupertinos want not only to secure for itself the term “slope”, but not to allow other companies to create apps or any functions that contain in the title the word Slofie.

It is possible that the cupertinos is not just invented for slow-motion video taken with the front camera, a special name. And in iOS it does not appear anywhere. In settings mode, slow motion marked as “slo-mo”. However, given the popularity of Apple Slofie can become an unofficial symbol of any slow-motion selfie-videos that will soon have to fill all the social networks.


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